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Painting and Illumination Sculpture Applied  


Medieval Art in Focus I available.

Medieval Art in Focus II available.

Medieval Art in Focus III available.

Medieval Art in Focus IV available.

Medieval Art in Focus V available.

Medieval Art in Focus VI available.

Medieval Art in Focus VII available.

For directions to Oxenwood please view our location.

NOTICE: Next Summer we will return to our former premises in London NW3 and hope to welcome you there.


Do not forget to contact us if you think you have something for us to buy.

Very few new items make it onto this website so it pays to register your particular interest with us.

Welcome to Medieval Art.

Open by appointment, we buy art covering Early Christian, Byzantine, Merovingian, Carolingian, Romanesque, and early Gothic periods (c. 500 to 1350 AD).

Bienvenue chez Art Medieval.

Nous achetons l'art de toute la periode appelé Haute Epoque: Byzantin, Merovingien, Carolingien, Romanesque, Gothique (500 a 1350 AD).

Bienvenida en Arte Medieval.

Compramos el arte de todo el periĀ­odo llamado Alto Tiempo: Bizantino, Merovingien, Carolingios, Romanico, Goticos (500 a 1350 AD).

Wilkommen bei Fruhe Kunst.

Wir kaufen die schönste Sachen von der tiefste Brunnen unserer Geschichte: Kunst aus der Byzantinische, Karolingische, Romanische und Gotische Zeit.

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