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Marc Antoine du Ry is the first dealer in the world exclusively specialised in Medieval art and culture. With a background in Literary and Economic studies, Marc Antoine du Ry first worked for various rare books and manuscripts sellers in London, before founding Medieval Art in 1997.

Marc du Ry actively promotes scholarly research and conservation of art from both the earliest and the most consequential period of the European heritage. This art includes sculpture and painting (which is mostly manuscript illumination) as well as applied works of art and craft in metals, ivory and enamel. Good furniture and the finest printing is also included in this cultural legacy.

We take pride in our innovative pricing policy, in which prices of unique works are not only agreed in an environment of maximum discretion and optimum fairness, but where the potential buyer also has room to state their case if they feel so inclined.

We occasionally give art historical advice at our discretion. We regret that we cannot give probate, insurance, valuation or any other legal or financial advice.

Diclaimer. Too uninteresting to attract a Following, my Face is only seen by the printed Book, my Telegrams are anything but Instant and I Feed birds rather than Twits. However, anyone stopping by here is assured of a very warm and hearty welcome.

Though enough European medieval art has survived the destruction of iconoclasm, reformation and revolution, the relative scarcity of the better material does not warrant more than the occasional fair. Where a work merits a monograph or in case enough material comes together at once, a themed catalogue will be produced. Periodically we will endeavour to issue lists of newly acquired works.

A separate project called medievalmodern successfully ran from a small gallery in London's Marylebone in partnership with contemporary non-curator Fedja Klikovac. The shows curated there, with artists such as Gerry Williams, Bob and Roberta Smith, Richard Deacon and others, aimed to strengthen the affinity many contemporary artists have with early art.

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