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Painting & Illumination


Marriage Mass from the Decretum Gratiani

Origin / Date France, c. 1280
Material Tempera and gold leaf on parchment
Dimensions 96 x 90mm
Availability Not for sale


Marriage mass
from Gregory’s Decretum
France, later 13th century

Miniature 49x60mm

Horizontal cut on left side and some vertical cuts down the centre not affecting legibility.


A cutting from the most widely used book of Canon law during the Middle Ages, the Decretum of Pope Gregory IX as compiled and edited by Raymond of PeƱafort in 1234.

The miniature is wedged between the incipit of Liber iiii de sponsalibus et matrioniis and the explicit of Liber iii (de vita et honestate clericorum)

Upside down in a later hand in pale brown ink: ‘hopital de grasse ...


Ex collection Emmanuel Delorme


Used as illustration in the monumental study: La Messe published in 1886 by Charles Rohault de Fleury

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